Hi there!
I'm a filmmaker based out of New York. When working on a story, I love to fully immerse my brain into obsession. My current mania revolves around revenge, and all the elements that might push a woman over the edge. If you have any recommendations, please send; I'd love to check them out!
My background is in post-production. I started as a motion graphics designer in 2010, then a colorist in 2013, and finally in 2016 I gave in and started editing for that sweet, sweet $$. I love post-production, and, as a writer & director, I'm hyper-aware of the post process to come. Finishing a piece in post allows you to truly define your cinematic style and voice. I love that!
All the best films have a cohesion which can be seen and felt in every aspect of their being. I truly love learning the craft of filmmaking, and attempting to break new ground with every piece. It humbles and surprises me constantly.
If you'd like to connect or collab, contact me via email... annawritesyou@gmail.com
Thanks! Hope you enjoy browsing some of the works on this page.